Subject Re: [ib-support] nt service
Author Tumelis Giedrius IF 5/1
On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, Ilia Patrik wrote:

> try \path\interserver /INSTALL
don't work too :(

when I press right mouse button on the inerserver system tray icon an
choose startup configuration I see that interserver is started as system
service but is stopped. When i press 'start' button ( in the advanced
panel ) nothing hapens. If I choose server startup as application the
press ok and again view how interserver is working, I see that it is
running. Wen I choose server startup as system service,and press ok then
get message :
"InterServer could not be installed as a service Make sure that this login
has proper security access"
Bu I start t with administrator rights ! My admin tells me that there is
some areas in the registry where even administrator havent rights to
modify ( w2k) !!!!!
I think this is interclient in w2k problem. Microsoft sux !!!