Subject Re: [ib-support] nt service
Author Tumelis Giedrius IF 5/1
On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, Paul Beach wrote:

> I saw your post on the Borland newsgroups, and suggested the following is
> what you are probably seeing:
> InterServer by default, is installed as a service on NT (interserver -s).
> However what you are probably seeing is the following:
> The main InterServer process (service) is listening on socket 3060
> (typically) for incoming InterClient requests, when a request is received,
> InterServer on NT creates a new process to service these requests. This
> process will handle the interaction with InterClient until the connection is
> closed, then the created InterServer process should then go away.
> Multiple InterClient connections "fork" (if I can use that term on NT)
> multiple InterServer processes.
> If you go into settings, control panel, services do you see an InterServer
> service?
> If not then you will have to adjust your registry settings to start it as a
> service
It is in the services list but doesn't work ( I cant start it ) .