Subject Re: [ib-support] nt service
Author Paul Beach
I saw your post on the Borland newsgroups, and suggested the following is
what you are probably seeing:

InterServer by default, is installed as a service on NT (interserver -s).
However what you are probably seeing is the following:

The main InterServer process (service) is listening on socket 3060
(typically) for incoming InterClient requests, when a request is received,
InterServer on NT creates a new process to service these requests. This
process will handle the interaction with InterClient until the connection is
closed, then the created InterServer process should then go away.

Multiple InterClient connections "fork" (if I can use that term on NT)
multiple InterServer processes.

If you go into settings, control panel, services do you see an InterServer
If not then you will have to adjust your registry settings to start it as a

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