Subject RE: [ib-support] InterServer
Author Leyne, Sean

> From: Paul Beach [mailto:pabeach@...]
> Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2001 1:48 PM
> > (This is probably not the right forum...)
> For my original post? or for your question?

My posting/question.

> > Does the work which David Jencks has been doing for
> Firebird replace the
> > need for InterServer/InterClient in the long run?
> I sincerely hope so, for a number of reasons, some public
> some not public
> :-)
> However that doesn't mean that everybody will stop using it,
> or that Borland
> will continue to post updates for it.
> Although IBPhoenix stands squarely behind Firebird and what
> its doing (and
> achieving), we as a company offer support to both InterBase
> and Firebird
> users.
> That means we end up supporting certain aspects of software
> we may not be
> ideally happy with. But then thats life.

And your just the man to bear that cross ;-)

> And as a secondary, I think it would be good to post a more detailed
> explanation of some of the in's and out's of what InterServer
> is / isn't doing.

That sounds great, I'll be expecting a posting on this from you later
this week -- Oh! I'm too funny today! :-))

> That way when David gets closer to shipping a beta,
> people can make more informed decisions.

That should be a straightforward decision - use something that is
lightweight, works and accesses the engine like any other client or use
something which is bloated, doesn't work, is getting limited support and
requires a separate install.