Subject InterServer
Author Paul Beach
I have been doing quite a bit of digging into InterServer and how it
operates, and I hope to able to post some of those insights onto IBPhoenix
in the near future.
However, one thing has got me a little confused...

If you propagate a number of connections to InterServer on NT, and the close
those connections using the appropriate connection.close() method, the
sockets that were opened by each instance on Interserver go into a
CLOSE_WAIT status, and only get cleared on a system re-boot.

You can see this by using netstat -n -p tcp

From reading around, and asking a few questions - this is not good - anybody
able to offer any insights on the why's and wherefores?
This may also provide me with some isight re. the issues I have seen re.
connections not closing properly, and running out of connections on Windows.

BTW you don't see this behaviour on Win2000 (surprise!)

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