Subject Re: [ib-support] InterServer
Author Paul Beach

> (This is probably not the right forum...)

For my original post? or for your question?

> Does the work which David Jencks has been doing for Firebird replace the
> need for InterServer/InterClient in the long run?

I sincerely hope so, for a number of reasons, some public some not public
However that doesn't mean that everybody will stop using it, or that Borland
will continue to post updates for it.
Although IBPhoenix stands squarely behind Firebird and what its doing (and
achieving), we as a company offer support to both InterBase and Firebird
That means we end up supporting certain aspects of software we may not be
ideally happy with. But then thats life.

And as a secondary, I think it would be good to post a more detailed
explanation of some of the in's and out's of what InterServer is / isn't
doing. That way when David gets closer to shipping a beta, people can make
more informed decisions.

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