Subject Deadlock reasons?
Author Woody
Hi all. I try to help as many people as I can even though I'm relatively new to IB (about 4 months now). I am still trying to understand all of the aspects of a deadlock situation. One recurring problem I have is that a client occasionally (maybe once every other week) starts getting a deadlock error trying to update a record. It doesn't always occur on the same table or data. No other user is editing the same record nor even sitting on the record. It appears that it's just a hung transaction or something like it. Could anyone explain what types of situations can cause a transaction not to be automatically commit/rollback-ed if a user looses connection or something like it. My understanding is that IB rolls back any transactions if a user gets disconnected abruptly and IB can no longer "see" the user. Is that right and are there any particular situations to look for that can cause this type of deadlock?


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