Subject [ib-support] Re: Remote DataModule & gds32.dll
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Subject: [ib-support] Re: Remote DataModule & gds32.dll

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> > But my problem is that I am not sure if I want to use multiple RDM
> or DM,
> > then whether I should maintain separate pair of TIBDatabase and
> > TIBTransaction components on each RDM, given that gds32.dll is not
> thread
> > safe. What's the best combination or instancing and threading that
> would
> > make sure that the connection from my RDMs to the IB server would
> not crash?
> Well, let's narrow the theme - DCOM M-I A-T model. I'll try to speak
> as clear as I can. Your appserver project have only one description of
> RDM. When thin client ask for connection, instance of RDM is created
> and it IS THREAD. This thread must have OWN connection to SQL server
> via gds32 - TIBDatabase. So it is thread safe while you don't try to
> break rules and create another thread within RDM and try to make any
> actions via RDM's IBDatabase within this additional thread. Every
> MIDAS model have own behavior and all are thread safe while you don't
> break rules for this model, described in Developer's Guide. "gds32.dll
> is not thread safe" mean "every thread must have own connection", not
> "you cannot access gds32.dll from thread".
> Best regards and good bye. People here have little interest to read
> explanations of MIDAS principles.
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