Subject Re: Remote DataModule & gds32.dll
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In ib-support@y..., "junior" <junior@c...> wrote:
> But my problem is that I am not sure if I want to use multiple RDM
or DM,
> then whether I should maintain separate pair of TIBDatabase and
> TIBTransaction components on each RDM, given that gds32.dll is not
> safe. What's the best combination or instancing and threading that
> make sure that the connection from my RDMs to the IB server would
not crash?

Well, let's narrow the theme - DCOM M-I A-T model. I'll try to speak
as clear as I can. Your appserver project have only one description of
RDM. When thin client ask for connection, instance of RDM is created
and it IS THREAD. This thread must have OWN connection to SQL server
via gds32 - TIBDatabase. So it is thread safe while you don't try to
break rules and create another thread within RDM and try to make any
actions via RDM's IBDatabase within this additional thread. Every
MIDAS model have own behavior and all are thread safe while you don't
break rules for this model, described in Developer's Guide. "gds32.dll
is not thread safe" mean "every thread must have own connection", not
"you cannot access gds32.dll from thread".

Best regards and good bye. People here have little interest to read
explanations of MIDAS principles.