Subject Re: [ib-support] carry return
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 03:40 PM 7/19/2001 +0200, Jordi Gálvez wrote:

>How can I insert a text in a varchar with carry returns? (\n) I know how to
>do it with BLOBS, but not with varchars.

My first thought is to say that there's a reason why newlines are
easy in blobs and a pain in varchars, but that's probably not responsive.
My second is that newlines are messy in cross platform applications,
but that's probably not relevant either.

The first trick is to convince InterBase that a \n is a reasonable
alphanumeric character. You can do that with the chr udf or by mapping
an external text file and stealing the newline off that. Then concatenate
it with your string.


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