Subject Re: IBX - GeneratorField
Upp to now i used IBX 4.52. Since a few days i upgraded to IBX 4.61.
I'm using D5 Pro.
Behaviour is the same. I changed a bit to see in a DBGrid what
happens. "On New Record" show the new value for the primary key
linked to the generator, but on "Posting", the error comes up.

"On Post" shows no value for the primary key, and on "posting" the
error comes up too.

According to what you say using TIBQuery and TIBUpdate, i changed my
TIBDataSet to using also these ones in cached mode.

And it works now. So i think there is a problem in TIBDataset
Component when using the GeneratorField property.

Thanks for your hints, i will probably change all from TIBDataset to
the TIBQuery component. I will try to mail this "bug" to the author.


--- In ib-support@y..., "Andrew S. Vaz" <andrew_s_vaz@b...> wrote:
> Jean,
> > Up to now i was always using a "before insert" trigger to get a
> > generator value but i wanted to get rid off defining those
> >
> > Jean.
> >
> > >
> > > I've been using it that way and it works perfectly for me.
> > >
> >
> > Is your field also a primary key ?
> >
> Yes. Almost all of the 58 tables in the project.
> Strange. I've been using this Genereator Field property for a
while... the
> diference is that I use TIbQuery and TIbUpdate (in CachedUpdate
mode). I use
> it this way because I migrated from a Bde project that worked very
well and
> since then I always use it this way. But from what I know about
> is that it combines the two components into one. If there is any
> diference, only Jeff or someone else to explain it better. If you
want, I
> can make up a little script to make a table, a generator and make a
> Delphi project for you.(BTW, I've upgraded to IBX4,6 today and it's
> ok, too.). I'm using D5 and IBX4,6.
> Andrew