Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: IBX - GeneratorField
Author Andrew S. Vaz

> Up to now i was always using a "before insert" trigger to get a
> generator value but i wanted to get rid off defining those triggers.
> Jean.
> >
> > I've been using it that way and it works perfectly for me.
> >
> Is your field also a primary key ?
Yes. Almost all of the 58 tables in the project.

Strange. I've been using this Genereator Field property for a while... the
diference is that I use TIbQuery and TIbUpdate (in CachedUpdate mode). I use
it this way because I migrated from a Bde project that worked very well and
since then I always use it this way. But from what I know about TIbDataSet
is that it combines the two components into one. If there is any other
diference, only Jeff or someone else to explain it better. If you want, I
can make up a little script to make a table, a generator and make a little
Delphi project for you.(BTW, I've upgraded to IBX4,6 today and it's working
ok, too.). I'm using D5 and IBX4,6.