Subject Re: IBX - GeneratorField
Woody, read my previous message in this group to Andrew.

I used IBX 4.52 before and i currently changed to IBX 4.61.

It works now with TIBQuery and TIBUpdate instead of TIBDataset.

Thanks. Jean.
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> >The field used is the primary key of the table, so defined as being
> >not null. Would this mean that the trigger for the "not null"
> >constraint would be executed before the generator can be set ?.
> >
> >I tried "on New Record" for the Generatorfield property. Same
> >behaviour.
> >
> >Jean
> Not really. The constraint should not come into play until you try
to "post"
> the record. Just creating one doesn't do the tests yet, not until
you commit
> the changes does it enforce the rules. What version of IBX are you
> Woody