Subject Firebird and FreeBSD
Author Carlos Yu

I've been trying to get Firebird to run on FreeBSD for the past few
weeks. After downloading the FreeBSD Kit from the ibphoenix website,
I encountered a "semget" error. The members of this egroup informed
me that the BSD kernel needed to be re-compiled to support sempahores
for Firebird.

My problem now is that my host provider refuses to recompile the
kernel, which I understand. I can't get a refund for the hosting
services, and to make matters worse, I pre-paid an annual
subscription. The hosting company also won't allow me to apply the
payments I have made to another hosting package (Linux) where I know
Firebird will work. Basically, I'm stuck with my FreeBSD hosting
package for at least a year.

Since I can't recompile the FreeBSD kernel, is there anyway I can
tweak and recompile Firebird to run on my host provider's version of

Please help...

Carlos Yu
CYWare Inc.