Subject RE: [ib-support] Hypothetical Situation
Author Paul Schmidt

On 13 Jul 2001, at 15:23, Dean Anderson wrote:

> I recommend staying away from DSL and DSL providers, if you are a
> company and don't want to be stranded without service for 60 days.
> End/Home users usually can get by with dialup or have cable right
> there, so losing service doesn't really matter too much.

Especially when, as is my clients case they are in a DSL free zone,
abd Cable doesn't reach their industrial park either.

> DSL has shown itself to be high maintenance, and therefore very
> expensive. Providers offering cheap DSL services will eventually
> either raise the price steeply, or go out of business. Going out of
> business (chapter 11--where they don't pay their bills, then resume
> operation at some point) is what they have been doing. Some DSL
> providers are now re-labeling their service as 'T1' with a higher
> price ( eg. T1 for 899/mo including loop). For example, HarvardNet
> was a DSL provider in Boston that went under last winter, stranding
> all their DSL customers. Now they are back at it with a different
> name "Allegiance", offering "T1" on DSL equipment.

This is why, for business use, I would only deal with Bell Canada,
they own and maintain the copper, and they don't pull stunts like
that. Heck they even offer the Linux PPPoE drivers on their web
site, for their DSL customers, or at least they used to.

It's alos why I said a fractional T1, rather then DSL.

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