Subject RE: [ib-support] Hypothetical Situation
Author Paul Schmidt

On 13 Jul 2001, at 14:48, Leyne, Sean wrote:

> If the apllication is designed for multi-tier access then you could
> get away with the slower link. We run a very intensive multi-tier
> project over cable modem links with very good results.

Multi-tier access? hmm, we are just starting the design process,
wanna tell me about it?

> If not, then you might want to talk to Bell Nexxia, I have a client
> who just got Bell to price out a 10mb/s dedicated link at $1500 CDN
> per month (although they were talking a high number of locations).

Hmmm, that would be lots quick enough, know anybody at Bell Nexxia I
could talk to about this? It's hard to keep track of the Bell
divisions, I think they have more spin off companies then they do
area codes.


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