Subject Hypothetical Situation
Author Paul Schmidt
Dear list,
hypothetical situation, trying to figure which direction to recommend
on a project.

I have a client with two offices Toronto and Vancouver, and we are
trying to figure the best game plan.

What do you think of this idea?

Put a big server into the Toronto office, put a fraction of a T1 from
each office, to the Internet Backbone. Then use a VPN tunnel to
connect Vancouver to the server in Toronto.

Okay, the $50,000 question, will forcing a transaction through the
tunnel (roughly a 3000 mile trip, one way) have any ill effects, will
the tunnel affect the performance of the transaction? Roughly 40% of
the transactions come from Vancouver, would that be too much tunnel
traffic? What about adding additional offices, say Montreal, Halifax
and New York City?



Paul Schmidt,
Tricat Technologies
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