Subject Re: FreeUDFLib
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> Can you show us the declaration for F_CDOWLONG?
declare external function f_CDOWLong
returns cstring(10) /* free_it */
entry_point 'CDOWLong' module_name 'FreeUDFLib.dll';
This is the original from ext_funcs.sql.
F_CDOWLONG is an example only, it happends with _every_ funktion!

> 1) Have you tried to drop all functions in the database
Yes, four times.

> 2) Put the UDF library into the interbase\udf directory (assuming
that you
> use IB6/Firebird?)
I have tried: interbase\bin, interbase\udf, windows\, windows\system.

> 3) Declare the functions again
I'll try it.

> 4) Sometimes it was necessary to restart IB Server
I've restarted the _machine_ several times (it's windows <g>).