Subject RE: [ib-support] Internet & Interbase
Author Pablo Sentis
Dave :

Thanks for your response . As a newbie in security I don´t know if we have
found the right solution:

Every client installation has a router ( an then a fixed IP ) and we have a
firewall in the HQ . All gds entries
are redirected to the IB Server and the authorized IP´s are filtered too.
Is it a right way to do this?

If I´m a newbie with inet security , I´m in a worst situation for
application servers . Where can I find documentation about it? . We will be
working with Delphi objects ( in fact we have written our own RAD tool ,
generating Cobol code - don´t ask me way ...- with a Delphi-like
environment ) in the client applications , and Linux servers for the DB.

Regards from Spain