Subject Re: [ib-support] Internet & Interbase
Author Dave Warnock

What security are you putting in place?

I would not like to

a) allow sql statements to be sent over the internet to any dbms except
possibly over https with some client authentication.

b) have interbase acessible over the internet except through a firewall
and application server. I do not believe the design of interbase is yet
secure enough for this.

Having said all that it should be very simple to have a little
application server that provides say an xml-rpc interface to the clients
on the internet and that then executes the queries on interbase and
returns the results.

If you have a xml-rpc message for each query you want to support with
the parameters passed as part of the request then you are in good shape.

There are xml-rpc servers and cients for many languages so you can
write the serverand client in almost anything. I personally would use
java for the server.

I don't see that speed of the infrastructure will be a big problem and
unless your volumes are very high or your data structures poor the
response by the server should be pretty good.


> First of all apologies if it is not the right place for this question . If so please tell me...
> We´ve changed all our software database access , formerly a propietary DB and now IB , and in some of our customers
> it is needed to have the DB in the company HQ and access via inet in the client installations . As it is only needed to have very
> small sized queries (as an SP product description and price given a code) I would like to know if there is any specific

> configuration for IB to enforce query speed . As we are located in Spain (and Inet is not as fast as we´d like) and even our customer

> has installed Frame Relay in the HQ and ADSL routers in the client sites , I´d rather prefer to have IB optimized before any test...