Subject Internet & Interbase
Author Pablo Sentis
Hi all!

First of all apologies if it is not the right place for this question . If so please tell me...
We´ve changed all our software database access , formerly a propietary DB and now IB , and in some of our customers
it is needed to have the DB in the company HQ and access via inet in the client installations . As it is only needed to have very
small sized queries (as an SP product description and price given a code) I would like to know if there is any specific configuration for IB to enforce query speed . As we are located in Spain (and Inet is not as fast as we´d like) and even our customer has installed Frame Relay in the HQ and ADSL routers in the client sites , I´d rather prefer to have IB optimized before any test...

Thanks in advance
Pablo Sentis
DB Area Manager Grupo ITEM Spain

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