Subject FB future, small wishlist and a few questions
Hi, below is a message I posted through the server, but
it (as other) didn't seem to get to the list. I'm now posting via web.

Hi there,

I've been watching FB closely lately and I'm very inclined to upgrade
our customers using IB5.6 to FB1.0 as soon as it's ready. A few

1. Is there any time frame for the 1.0 release? Even if it is an
estimate, I'd like to hear it (example: it'll be released this year,
we don't know exactly when).
2. Our customers' main OS (for now) is windows, and I see a lot of
people talking about linux on these groups. Are the new
features/bugfixes available to all FB platforms?
3. I saw someone (Helen, i guess) asking for people to stress-test FB.
Is this test something i should download (I heard TCS or something),
or is it anything that stresses the server? I not sure how to ask
this. We run an app. monthly to join 20-30 DB in a single one for
research purposes. This single DB is ~500MB, but it is not the size
that matters and yes its complexity (medical stuff). I'm willing to
use FB on a test with this app and share my feelings about it, but I'm
not sure it would qualify as "stress-test". If it does, where do I get
the latest win32 builds? Is it the v0.9-4 on SourceForge?

Now this is a small wishlist I'd like you to comment. Will some of
these get to 1.0, 2.0, 3.0?

1 - Use the constraint name for contraint-related indices. Example:
Whenever I create a foreign key named FK_MYTABLE, the index should be
named FK_MYTABLE and not RDB$FOREIGNxxx.
I believe you know the reason for this: It would allow me to specify
the query plan independently of backup/restore, site, etc... And yes,
I've tried every possible hack to change the name. Had success on
some, but really didn't feel confident to put the changes on a
production environment.

Thank you for your input and the nice work you're doing,