Subject RE: [ib-support] FB future, small wishlist and a few questions
Author Leyne, Sean

First I'll start by saying that we are aware of the recent problems in
the news2 mail functionality of the server.
Interestingly, the problem only seems to be affecting the IB-Support
list. I don't have an ETA on the fix but we are looking into it.

With respect to the v1.0 release date, the current target date is June

In general, all feature/bug fixes are available (where applicable) for
all platforms. The obvious exceptions would be features like ODBC
driver. I suspect that the reason you see a lot of Linux support
questions, is that the installation of the engine is still not perfected
accross the breath of *nix variations (most issues are really
underlaying OS security problems which can't be overcome by installation

The current TCS suite (as released by Borland) is not really read for a
install and go operation. This was also true of the original source
which Borland released, Firebird had to put a lot of effort into getting
the build process to run. If you subscribe to the Firebird-Testing
mailing list, you will be able to follow the progress of our work.

Finally, with respect to your wishlist item -- Good News! One of the
features which is being worked on is the ability to disable the
automatic creation of indexes for FK columns. For a complete list of
the v1.0 features/fixes have a look at