Subject ANN: Upscene Alias Resolver 0.3
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi all,

There's a new version available of the Upscene Alias Resolver.

This small free-ware utility lets your maintain a centralized repository of
available database at a server. Your clients will use an alias to retrieve
server and path information about your database.

Don't get it?

Check this example (in Java):

DatabaseInfo myDatabase = (new
AliasResolveClient("server_name")).resolveAlias("my employee db");
String server = myDatabase.getServer();
String dbfile = myDatabase.getDBFile();
// connect to database with server and dbfile!!

There's a Java and Delphi (Delphi 5) client available.

Point your browser to to download it now!

Martijn Tonies
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