Subject Slow results?
Author Brad Pepers
I'm having a problem where if I make a TCP/IP connection to a database and
then don't do anything for a period of time, the next time I try to perform a
select on the connection takes a long time (15-20 seconds where it was around
1 second it first). The longer I wait, the slower the results. If I leave
the connection open for around 15 minutes, I instead get a Pipe broken error
and the program dies. If I connect using direct file access, the problem
goes away.

Any ideas? This is using the FirebirdCS-0.9-4p1.tar.gz release on Mandrake
Linux 7.2 and I'm connecting using localhost:/tmp/test.gdb (as well as trying
the actual system name of dragon:/tmp/test.gdb).

Brad Pepers