Subject Re: [ib-support] Slow results?
Author Brad Pepers
On Wednesday 02 May 2001 18:31, you wrote:
> I'm having a problem where if I make a TCP/IP connection to a database and
> then don't do anything for a period of time, the next time I try to perform
> a select on the connection takes a long time (15-20 seconds where it was
> around 1 second it first). The longer I wait, the slower the results. If
> I leave the connection open for around 15 minutes, I instead get a Pipe
> broken error and the program dies. If I connect using direct file access,
> the problem goes away.

Just an update in this problem. I can easily make it happen even without
using my application and just with "isql" that comes with Firebird. All I
did was connect to a database like this:

isql -u SYSDBA -p masterkey localhost:/tmp/test.gdb

I then did a select like this:

select count(*) from test;

This comes back in less than a second since there are only a few rows in the
test table. I then just leave isql running without typing anything for 10
minutes or so and come back and type the same thing. This time it takes a
long time (20+ seconds) to give a result.

Can someone else with Linux try this out please? Again its Mandrake 7.2 with
kernel 2.2.19 and FirebirdCS-0.9-4p1.

Brad Pepers