Subject SQL Help
Author Charlie
I'm using Delphi 5, Interbase 6. I have an Items table that has widthstring
and heightstring as fields. The client's business rules require that the
widthstring and heightstring be rounded to the next integer; so 12.5 would
become 13. In other parts of my program I use:
trunc(widthstring + 0.9999)
I need to obtain the square feet for each item type of the items for an
order. So square feet would be:
trunc(widthstring + 0.9999) * trunc(heightstring + 0.9999) / 144

How do I use a select sum statement in an SQL to sum the square feet. I've
select sum(trunc(widthstring + 0.9999) * trunc(heightstring + 0.9999) /
144)) but this doesn't work.

Thank you,