Subject Multiple Databases?
I like some advice on my first c/s db project please.
I have two separate groups of users of my client program, who will
maintain separate sets of records in their own databases, but the
database structure is identical for both groups. One group is a
mechanical workshop, the other electronics. A few tables, eg client
details, will be identical for both groups, so it seems sensible to
share these, rather than have duplicates in two distinct db's, but
when I looked at splitting these out to their own 'COMMON' db, it
appears I'll have to lose the referential integrity constraints I had
established with the other tables. So, question 1/ Can you have R.I.
constraints between different databases?

I suppose I could have one large db, with an extra column in some
tables to identify each group's data, and rely on the logon to
identify the group, and have an extra parameter in the SELECTs......
I was however considering having the two databases running on two
separate (currently W95) PC's, to share the load and reduce the db
Q2/ Which approach is best?
Q3/ Does posting from yahoo-groups web page produce HTML posts?

I'm using Firebird