Subject RE: [ib-support] IB for NetWare & Win2000 IPX/SPX
Author David R. Robinson
>> (No version of IB or NW mentioned yet, btw)

Support has duplicated this in house with InterBase 4.2.2 for NetWare &
NetWare 4.11. This is what our customers are using.

I asked them to try it with IB for NetWare 5.6 on NetWare 5 to see if that
works properly.

>> o Win2K generally can talk to Netware generally without problems over

>> o BDE based IB client app on NT could talk to IB on NW over IPX.
NT, Win9x work fine. Win2000 doesn't'.

>> o " " " " on Win2K can no longer connect to NW over IPX.
Correct, once they upgraded their users to Win2000 (or bought new PCs with
Win2000 on them), it no longer works.

>> Question - Can ISQL on Win2K connect to IB on NW over IPX?

David R.