Subject Re: [ib-support] Master/Detail - Interbase
Author Sindu
Unfortunately, we can't attach TAggregateField to dbgrid.

I guess if you'd like to show all the aggregate at the same time, you'd
have to do it manually by doing a full table scan of the ClientDataSet,
inspect GetGroupState and add it manually to a string grid.


On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Dimitar Selensky wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestion. I looked at and have carefully read the article
> you gave me.
> Using the built in aggregated fields is fine, but in the example at
> {DELPHI}\Demos\Midas\Aggregate
> only one summary field is displayed at a time: for example the total amount
> by "Ship Via", so I get something like this:
> DHL $10101.00
> but in the current detail there is more than one group, so what I want is
> something like that:
> DHL $10101.00
> UPS $40404.40
> ....
> The question is: can the aggregate fields in tClientDataSet be connected for
> example to a GRID which will display all the groups? it doesn't do much good
> to see only one total at a time :(.
> Best regards,
> Dimitar Selensky