Subject GBAK from Linux to NT / FB : error cause solved
I wrote:
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On Linux (redhat 6.2): LI-T0.9.4.34 (p1) Firebird Test1 , classic
On NT (4.0, sp 6a): WI-T0.9.4.41 Firebird Test1
GBAK -b -t ... on linux. FTP the gbk to NT. GBAK -c ... and I get repeatedly:
gbak: ERROR: cannot update old BLOB
gbak: ERROR: gds_$put_segment failed
I've succeeded with this on my development platform (different Linux and on NT I've got sp 5, otherwise the same versions), but trying it on a customer site gives the above.
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There was another difference between my development platform and the customer site, binaries for NT. It seems that binaries from (wise) have a false version of GBAK. After re-installing FB on NT using sourceforge -binaries, the problem went away.