Subject GBAK from Linux to NT / FB
On Linux (redhat 6.2): LI-T0.9.4.34 (p1) Firebird Test1 , classic
On NT (4.0, sp 6a): WI-T0.9.4.41 Firebird Test1

GBAK -b -t ... on linux. FTP the gbk to NT. GBAK -c ... and I get repeatedly:
gbak: opened file padbbck3.gbk
gbak: transportable backup -- data in XDR format
gbak: backup file is compressed
gbak: created database padb.gdb, page_size 8192 bytes
gbak: started transaction
gbak: restoring domain IMGBLOB
<a few domains>
gbak: ERROR: cannot update old BLOB
gbak: ERROR: gds_$put_segment failed
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

Did this with three different db's. All are sql dialect 1 on linux.

Is there a known problem or should I look for something in the setup?
I've succeeded with this on my development platform (different Linux and on NT I've got sp 5, otherwise the same versions), but trying it on a customer site gives the above.

Any info much appreciated.