Subject RE: [ib-support] IB for NetWare & Win2000 IPX/SPX
Author David R. Robinson
>> Microsoft client ... Novell client

Same problem exits regardelss of whether it is the MS or Novell client. We
have customers with each and both have the same problems. We can duplicate
it with both as well. Next idea? Can you or anyone get the BDE
Administrator to work using an IPX/SPX connection to an InterBase for
NetWare database?

>> Don't knock Netware

You get no argument from me that NetWare is a great file and print server.
I used NetWare for several years and for the most part, it worked great (as
you said much better than NT does when it comes to running without having to
reboot or fiddle with it). However, NetWare had/has its own bugs and
problems too--like the nasty bug where the server just crashed if you
exceeded the default setting for the maximum number of TTS transactions.
We've been an InterBase VAR since 1997. We have over 7,000 users on
InterBase and probably 1/3 or more of them are on NetWare. We rarely, if
ever, have problems with people running IB for NT. We frequently have
problems with people running IB for NetWare. Perhaps the company that
Borland outsourced the NetWare port to did a lousy job--who knows. With
that said, I'm not here to get into an OS war, so let's please drop this
irrelevant part of the discussion.

The bottom line is that we have customers that are using NetWare with
IPX/SPX and aren't going to change to NT and probably won't change to
TCP/IP, so we need a solution. All I'm trying to do is see if someone has a
work around or knows how to get the BDE to talk to an IB database using
IPX/SPX on a NetWare box.

David R. Robinson
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