Subject Re: [ib-support] Proxy Query ?
Author Darko Prenosil
Thank You for Your answer !
Sorry for making 'noise', but I needed answer urgently.
I started with writing this stored procedure, and did not come up with good results,
before continuing this work I needed to know if it is worth to try.
Here is scenario of what I exactly try to do:
There is one master database with large amount of shared data, and there is more
client databases with client specific data. When I say 'client' I do not mean database
client, but party that uses database.
The idea is not to put all the data in one database (security reasons, less complicated triggers etc.).
You probably saved me from wasting time, so thank You again.
I will try to follow Your idea with database event !
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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Proxy Query ?

At 3/6/2001 06:01 AM (Tuesday), darko_prenosil@... wrote:
>Is it possible to write UDF (extended procedure) that opens some
>other database and execute query across that database and returns
>result in Interbase ?

I wish I had seen your post here before replying to the similar post in
[ib-architect]. I would have posted the other answer here instead.

Please do not cross post between these IB lists. Try one and then if you do
not get a response after waiting a few days, try another. Otherwise we end
up with a lot of noise.