Subject Re: [ib-support] IB for NetWare & Win2000 IPX/SPX
Author Paul Schmidt

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Subject: [ib-support] IB for NetWare & Win2000 IPX/SPX

> We are starting to see several of our customers upgrade to Win2000.
> Several of them are NetWare customers (yes, I know, unfortunately...)
> that use IPX/SPX (yes, I know...). I seem to recall seeing posts
> somewhere about problems with it, but don't ever remember seeing a
> solution. We cannot get Win2000 to talk to an IB for NetWare server
> on IPX/SPX.
> Does anyone know about this or how to work around it?

Any time you change one piece of an equation, and something breaks,
blame the piece that you changed, not the pieces that have been
working for years. If I were a betting man (I am not), I would bet
that they are using the Microsoft client for Netware. Traditionally
the Microsoft clients for Netware have been rather crappy, so you
need to hunt down a Novell client, these are usually available from
the Novell website ( The Novell client should fix
the IPX/SPX problems, then it should work.

Don't knock Netware, until you start seeing NT/2K server boxes that
can run over 2 years without a reboot. I saw a Netware box do it,
the only time we ever looked at it, was to change the time, one time
we found that the monitor had died during that six month period,
nobody ever looked at it. Also Netware has lower hardware
requirements, can be completely administered from a client, and needs
almost no maintenance.

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