Subject Re: Why is my "Oldest Active" so low?
> Our application consists of a couple of Server processes
> that maintain a connection to the database. They never
> shut down, and occasionally do the odd bit of database activity.

1.4 million transactions in a week is an 'odd' bit
of database activity. ;-)

> I *believe* they commit after updates, but since they
> use the JBuilder "DataSet" classes, anything could be
> happening.

Like Sean mentioned you ought to investigate this first
to be sure that your code is not causing this. I suspect
it's not being that JDBC is auto commit and few override
and control it in my experience.

I suspect one of two things:

One (not all) of your database processes opened a
transaction the data the database was created and
never performed a commit.


More likely in my guestimation, is that the database
was restored and then opened with Borland's SQL Database
Exploder tool (or something like it) to look at this or
that and was then shut down (eg. click 'X') without a
commit/disconnecting from the database.

The company I used to work for did this all the time.
And they kept blaming InterBase for their poorly behaving
client tool. Some never learn how to use the versioning
engine, those that do understand why its so great....