Subject Re: [ib-support] CHARSET/COLLATES and Portuguese
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 01:43 PM 3/5/2001 -0300, Carlos H. Cantu wrote:
>AWH> Despite my absolute ignorance of Portuguese, I can suggest that you
>AWH> (or someone) could take one of the current collation modules an make
>AWH> what you want.
>In true I was guessing that I would have to that :-( Anyway, is there a
>good source of documentation about mounting my own collation ?

Dave Schnepper's site:

>AWH> You could certainly define a collation sequence that uses
>AWH> fewer bytes if you were prepared to sacrifice some behavior.
>Ann, can you exemplify some of the sacrificied behaviors ?

Well, if you were satisfied with a collation based on binary
representations of characters (as I am) your keys will be
the same size as your strings. Each feature you add (J & j
sorting near each other, accents, special space characters) adds
something. Case adds one bit per character, rounded to the
nearest byte. Accents add more.


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