Subject "can not start server" error
Author Joe Krause
Whenever I try to start Interbase 6.0 on Solaris 8, I get an error message

check $INTERBASE/interbase.log file for errors
can not start server

The odd thing is that when I check which processes are running, both ibguard
and ibserver are running. Even more strange, is the fact that I can
successfully connect to the database using IBConsole, isql, or JDBC (using
interclient). We have developed a complete java enterprise application using
interbase as our RDBMS, even though when I start the server, it tells me
that it did not start.

When I check the interbase.log file, it says:

dana (Client) Thu Mar 22 17:00:15 2001
/usr/local/interbase/bin/ibguard: bin/ibserver normal shutdown.

dana (Client) Thu Mar 22 17:00:38 2001
INET/inet_error: connect errno = 146

dana (Client) Thu Mar 22 17:00:38 2001
/usr/local/interbase/bin/ibguard: guardian starting bin/ibserver

dana (Server) Thu Mar 22 17:00:38 2001
Open file limit increased from 256 to 1024

dana (Server) Thu Mar 22 17:00:40 2001
SERVER/process_packet: connection rejected for root

These error messages in the log file mean nothing to me. I couldn't even
find references to them in any of the Interbase documentation. has anyone
seen this problem before? or know how to fix it? Am i gtting these errors
because I'm trying to run this product on Solaris 8???

Joe Krause