Subject (more) BLOB and Chilisoft ASP
Okay, hoping to get help, here's some more elaboration of my
problem. I'm on a Cobalt Raq, using Interbase 6 and Chilisoft ASP.

I created a table:

Then I tried to insert a record using ASP:
> test = "test"
> Set Rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")
> Rs.Open "test", conn, adOpenKeySet, adLockPessimistic, adCmdTable
> Rs.AddNew
> Rs("ID") = 1
> Rs("Request").appendchunk test
> Rs.Update
> Rs.Close
> Set Rs = Nothing

I get the following error:
>ADODB.Recordset.1 error '80004005'
>SQLState: HY000
>Native Error Code: 335544329
>invalid BLOB ID

One possibility is because the test variable is a string. But I
didn't think that would matter. Anyway, I'm moving from an NT
environment with MS Access and ASP to Linux with Interbase and
Chilisoft ASP. In MS Access, there is a Memo field for long text,
but Interbase doesn't have such a field. Instead it said that you
can use a BLOB of SUB_TYPE text or 1. But so far I haven't found a
way to insert or update a BLOB field.

I would appreciate any help. Even if you can tell me if this is a
Chilisoft ASP problem or a Interbase problem. Thanks.