Subject Nested Tree using Recursive Stored procedure
Author Agung Wibudi
Thank's Helen and Lester Caine for the Response about my problem in creating
Temporary table.

Why I ask about Creating temporary table, is because i 've problem with
sorting data with Recursive Stored Procedure.
I am using For Select Do..... .suspend in my recursive stored Procedure.
The problem is I always got result Null.
In this case (stored procedure) i want to sort the data like Nested tree or
tree view .
My structure table is :

Id char(2),
parent_id char(2) (Refers to field id),
level integer (the level of tree structure).

with this table i want to sort like tree view/parent chlid method
i've implement with recursive stored procedure without inserted to other
table always get result NULL.
The question is how to sort this data using recursive stored procedure (For
Select Do..... .suspend without inserted to other table)


Agung Wibudi
E-klik innovative Groups (EIG)