Subject Re: [ib-support] RequestLive on IBX
Author Nando Dessena

> This question is more related to the Delphi IBX component set than to
> Interbase:

then perhaps posting it in the appropriate newsgroup woul have been
better... ;-)

> The TQuery Delphi component contains a property called RequestLive which
> returns an updateable query result set from the database. This is very handy
> when using Database aware components in Delphi since the data can be edited
> and updated automatically and saves us from having to update all the
> controls manually. A similar result can be achieved by using the TIBTable
> IBX component but obviously this is only acceptable on small tables.

AFAIK you obtain live queries with IBX by providing values for the *SQL
properties. The component editor will create default update SQL
statements for you if the select statement is simple (just as the BDE
did with RequestLive).
Of course you should use an IBDataSet and not an IBQuery (if you use an
IBQuery you will probably need an IBUpdateSQL also).

> Is there any other way I can achieve this? Does IBO support this
> functionality?

As others told you, IBO does support this and other functionalities.
Plus, the generation of the update statements is completely automatic
for most select statements.