Subject Re: Accessing Interbase on a LAN

Thank you for the feedback concerning the TCP/IP requirements of

In addition to the settings that you alerted me to, there was a
problem with too many adapters on my server PC under Control Panel -
Networking. In addition to the Ethernet adapter and the Dial-up
adapter, the Gateway PC comes bundled with an AOL adapter and an AOL
dial-up adapter. When I deleted these, suddenly the pinging began to
work. So did my Delphi/Interbase application across the LAN.

Thanks again. The feedback from this group makes a very important
contribution to the viability and practical application of Interbase.

- Dale F.

--- In ib-support@y..., lester@l... wrote:
> It sounds as if you have set up the server for TCP/IP - you need to
> exactly the same for the client machine.
> The server'e name and IP address need to be in the HOSTS file of the
> client, and visa versa. Which is why I said but BOTH entries on BOTH
> machines.
> The alternative method of working is to use NetBeui. On the client
> machine open IB_Console, and try and register a connection to the
> Server, using the server's name, and selecting NetBEUI protocol. If
> connects, then you can Register the database under Databases.
> For NetBEUI to work direct to an application, I have just ended up
> Which is not quite what I expected, as I thought that the drive (
C: )
> should be replaced with the Share Name of the drive. But this format
> works NetBEUI on my system.
> I use IBObjects, and the IB_WISQL tool allows you to type in the
> line and connect.
> The only reason there are problems setting this up is because
> tried to deny TCP/IP existed until Bill 'saw the light' and accepted
> that the Internet actually existed - About 1995 I think. Until then
> NetBEUI could be used with windows, but Interbase was running on
> machines using TCP/IP long before that.
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