Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Accessing Interbase on a LAN
It sounds as if you have set up the server for TCP/IP - you need to do
exactly the same for the client machine.

The server'e name and IP address need to be in the HOSTS file of the
client, and visa versa. Which is why I said but BOTH entries on BOTH

The alternative method of working is to use NetBeui. On the client
machine open IB_Console, and try and register a connection to the Remote
Server, using the server's name, and selecting NetBEUI protocol. If that
connects, then you can Register the database under Databases.

For NetBEUI to work direct to an application, I have just ended up using


Which is not quite what I expected, as I thought that the drive ( C: )
should be replaced with the Share Name of the drive. But this format
works NetBEUI on my system.

I use IBObjects, and the IB_WISQL tool allows you to type in the above
line and connect.


The only reason there are problems setting this up is because Microsoft
tried to deny TCP/IP existed until Bill 'saw the light' and accepted
that the Internet actually existed - About 1995 I think. Until then only
NetBEUI could be used with windows, but Interbase was running on Unix
machines using TCP/IP long before that.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services