Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: Accessing Interbase on a LAN
Author Andrew Barton
> The problems you are experiencing are due to the network setup not being
> correct so please (pretty please!) don't blame Interbase or its
> documentation.

Thank you :)

If you have netbeui running, that is why you can see drives, exchange files,
etc. Interbase is using TCP/IP to communicate and so TCP/IP must be
configured properly. A ping test is a test of basic TCP/IP connectivity. If
you are getting 'destination host unreachable' on the network you have
described, the most likely problem is that all the PC's do not have unique
and individual IP' addresses assigned correctly.

Go through and double check your machines and reboot. If in doubt run
winipcfg and check what addresses are assigned to each PC.