Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Interbase backup
Author Jill Thomson
At 06:08 26/12/01 +0000, Lou wrote:
>What options are you using? I found that it works if you limit your
>options to Transportable. If I select IgnoreLimboTrans, then it
>errors out. I am not even sure where to look on this one.

Thanks for that, Lou. As you say, if the IgnoreLimboTransactions flag is
not set, the problem goes away.

> I really
>like using IBX, but give that Jeff O, the maintainer of IBX will only
>support Borlands IB we may all have to switch to FIBPlus or some will
>have to fork and maintain FIBX. I only code in Delphi and now some
>Kylix so IBX is important to me. I am perfectly happy staying with
>FIB 1.0 and Delphi 5 for the time being

My sentiments exactly.

Peter Lawson