Subject Re: Interbase backup
Author lfeliz
What options are you using? I found that it works if you limit your
options to Transportable. If I select IgnoreLimboTrans, then it
errors out. I am not even sure where to look on this one. I really
like using IBX, but give that Jeff O, the maintainer of IBX will only
support Borlands IB we may all have to switch to FIBPlus or some will
have to fork and maintain FIBX. I only code in Delphi and now some
Kylix so IBX is important to me. I am perfectly happy staying with
FIB 1.0 and Delphi 5 for the time being

- Lou
--- In ib-support@y..., Jill Thomson <jthomson@n...> wrote:
> I have just uncovered a problem with the IBX Backup Service
component (and
> probably the others too). I am using Woody's code and IBX version
4.62. I
> have one computer running Interbase Open Source and the other
> Firebird RC1. Interbase runs fine, but using Firebird I get the
> message:
> Error: invalid transaction handle (expecting explicit transaction
> With the demise of the Mers list, there was a period when I was out
> touch with the IBX newsgroup, but the problem does not appear to
have been
> reported there. However, I don't think many of them use Firebird.
> Should I upgrade to RC2 and try again?
> Peter Lawson