Subject Re: Interbase backup
Author Aage Johansen
Lou wrote:
I really
like using IBX, but give that Jeff O, the maintainer of IBX will only
support Borlands IB we may all have to switch to FIBPlus or some will
have to fork and maintain FIBX. I only code in Delphi and now some
Kylix so IBX is important to me. I am perfectly happy staying with
FIB 1.0 and Delphi 5 for the time being

I'd not be surprised if Jason Wharton will try to keep his IBO compatible
with both IB and Fb. IIRC, a version for Kylix is also included in the
plans for IBO. If you are using IBX it might be easier to switch to FIB -
the mother of IBX, but a great combination.

Aage J.