Subject Re: [ib-support] What is the most suitable develpment tool for linux
Author Paul Schmidt
On 19 Dec 2001, at 14:23, Arda Tunccekic wrote:

> Hi All..
> I have an application running under windows.
> I want to convert that to linux with interbase.
> What are the best tools/compilers that you can advise, what should I
> use?

That is a tricky question, it depends on what languages your
familiar with, because Linux has some support for many languages
including a few ecentric historical monsters like COBOL and
FORTRAN (these are properly spelled all in upper case, because
when they were invented, computers didn't know about lower case
characters). The most popular languages currently are C/C++,
Java and Pascal and all three are supported to some degree.
C/C++ are well supported, through three methods, IBPP/SQLAPI
type libraries, the IB API and Embedded SQL (gpre). Pascal is
supported via Kylix, Borlands Delphi for Linux implementation
(handy if the current app is Delphi and you have the source code)
Java, well I have heard about JDBC drivers, but can't comment on
them, as I don't use Java. There is also support for Perl, PHP and
a few others, anything that can call or make use of C libraries, can
use the API but unless you can find a pre-built language specific
driver, you may find yourself writing a driver first -- if your squished
for time, you may want to choose another language.

Check some of the sites that collect drivers like or, and see if you can find one for your prefered language.


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies