Subject Re: [ib-support] What is the most suitable develpment tool for linux
Author Paul Reeves
Arda Tunccekic wrote:
> Hi All..
> I have an application running under windows.
> I want to convert that to linux with interbase.
> What are the best tools/compilers that you can advise, what should I use?

Presumably your application is a standard GUI client? Are you looking to
support Linux in general, a particular distribution, a particular Window
manager, or just a particular site, such as your own workplace? Answering
these questions helps to narrow the field down.

Linux is not quite as homogenous as Windows. Currently, the 'preferred' gui
libraries are from Qt, but there is no guarantee that a Linux box will have
the Qt libs installed by default. And, of course, there are a large group that
prefer the Gnu gui libraries - GTK, I think they are.

Overall I would say that if you want to develop in C/C++ look at KDevelop. If
you want to work with Object Pascal check out Kylix. Both use Qt Libs. Kylix
is pretty neat, creating an environment that is almost indistinguishable from
Delphi. And from my brief play with KDevelop I felt that I could easily
produce a workable application with it, despite my lack of C/C++ experience.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further