Subject Re: RC1 and GBAK
Author didiergm

Thanks for the link.
I tried that and I still no luck. The error message changes though
with the number of trial I made:

Mainly I receive a duplicate on RDB$index_11

But at some point I received (from the top of my head) a window
saying 'initialisation error' and the text was 'overflow or string

I also had a message complaining about trying to restore a field with
a NULL value on a non-nullable column: this is a non-nullable colum I
added this morning and did not put any values in it. I then updated
the db and did another backup. I am now back to RDB$INDEX_11.

BTW the database is really small 1MB and arounf 70K GBK, if that can
help, I have no problems posting it someplace.

Any ideas ?

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> > Hello all,
> >
> > I have 2 machines : 1 W2K and 1 W98 I wanted to backup/restore a
> > small development db from the W2K to the W98 and I fail because
> > restore complains about a entry violating in RDB$INDEX_11 which
is an
> > index on RDB$GENERATORS.
> Because it tries to re-create a generator. Take
> and see if it works. This is a snapshot binary from 24 hours ago.
> C.